Greetings! Thanks for your continuing interest in my family website project. More and more families will want their own sites in the coming years as they discover the opportunity and grow to understand the benefits.

Conveniently SHARE messages, images and other documents WITHOUT JOINING A PUBLIC WEBSITE by having your own family website. Unlike a facebook or myspace page or any other public site or service, it is private and secure, and belongs to you. Why give your e-mail addresses and other information to some large internet company and put personal images onto their servers, when you can have your own site very easily?

What does a family website do? The family website lets you post messages and pictures that other family members can view and respond to. It also offers a place to post upcoming family events as well as pages for calendar and contact information.

Birthday? Anniversary? Graduation? Engagement? Emergencies? Family news? Funny stories? Photos?, Videos?, More Photos?
Now your family can stay up to date in a simple interactive format.

How do I get a family website? You can get one right now by filling out a brief form. Click on the "Buy Now" button below:

Exactly what do I get when I get a website for my family? You get the live website up and running. We need just a little time to research the names available for your site. We begin this process immediately upon receiving your order. For example, if your name is Smith or Jones, you can figure that and are not going to be available, and you must find another suitable name. I am real good at this! It's fun. That's all we need to set up your site, and I help you with that or take care of it for you. The cost varies slightly, but is generally around $1/month and is paid annually.

It has the following pages:

  • Login
  • Home
  • Messages
  • Photo Gallery
  • Upcoming Events
  • Annual Calendar
  • Contact Info
The one time setup fee is $299.99. You also get hosting and maintenance, including backups, plus free enhancements, all for $9.99/month. That's about 30¢/day for what basically amounts to your own dedicated family channel 24/7.

You can personalize the appearance of the family website by changing the foreground image (the image at upper left (a coat of arms is popular)) and the background. The appearance of your family name is editable as well.

You can also edit the index page and home page messages, and most of the standing messages around the site.

It also comes with a "backstage" interface which lets you edit content easily and administrate your family member list to allow people to login.

Click on the image below to check out the demonstration site!

Post some messages and pictures so I know you were there. Thank you. Enjoy!